Rental conditions

General rental conditions for SL Event ApS (valid from 1 June 2013)
(valid from 1 June 2013)

Article 1
The rented equipment may only be used by the lessee or their representative. Subletting may only take place with the lessor’s written approval.

Article 2
The rented may not be taken abroad without the lessor’s written approval.

Article 3
The rent is calculated based upon the currently applicable prices fixed by the lessor. The time for which the equipment is rented out is called the rental period, which is understood to be the period during which the equipment is absent from the lessor’s place of business and is not at the lessor’s disposal, in accordance with the rental agreement. It shall be noted that the minimum rent is DKK 500 + 25% VAT. The day on which the equipment leaves the lessor’s place of business is counted as the first rental day. When returning, the date of return is calculated as a rental day, if the rented equipment is returned after 10:00 am. The rental price does not include loading and unloading of vehicles.

Article 4
If the agreed rental period is not adhered to by the lessee, then the lessor is entitled to retrieve the rented equipment, without warning. The same otherwise applies if the lessee breaches the rental agreement, for example, by failing to make payment of the rental fee at the agreed time. Instances of breaches entitled to retrieval also include enforcement proceedings against the lessee, bankruptcy or other suspension of payments.

Article 5
The lessee is unconditionally obliged to return the rented items after the end of the rental period and is not entitled to withhold the rented equipment in order to secure any claims against the lessor regardless of the reason.

Article 6
The rented equipment must be in the same condition upon return as it was when collected. Cleaning, rolling up of cables, joining together of carpets and other restoration of equipment after return will be invoiced to the lessee in accordance with the applicable hourly rates.

Article 7
During the rental period, the lessee is responsible for any damage to and loss of the rented equipment and containers, and other packaging in which the equipment was delivered, including accidental damage. The lessor has not taken out insurance against damage during the rental period.

The lessor assumes no liability for the lessee’s loss of operations, loss of time, loss of profits or other similar indirect losses.

Article 8
The rented items must be collected by the lessee at the lessor’s warehouse or transported as agreed to the lessee’s stated address. If the lessee collects the rented equipment itself, then the transport must be carried out in a suitable vehicle and in a defensible manner. The lessor reserves the right to approve the transport.

Article 9
Transport, storage and handling of empty goods (flight-cases, lamp trolleys etc.) is arranged and paid for by the lessee unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Article 10
Prior reservation of equipment is made with reservation for correct return from prior lessees. The lessor is entitled, without special notification, to replace reserved equipment with other equipment with the same function.

Article 11
Any defects with the rented equipment do not entitle the lessee to terminate the agreement, if the lessor can, within a reasonable amount of time, deliver equipment to replace the defective equipment and which fulfils the lessee’s needs. If this is not the case and the lessee chooses to cancel the rental agreement, then the lessee is never entitled to demand compensation beyond a proportional reduction in the rent, corresponding to the period for which it was not possible to use the equipment.

Article 12
The lessor can under no circumstances be held liable for the rented equipment not fulfilling the lessee’s expectations regarding quality and suitability unless the lessor has given a special declaration regarding this.

Article 13
Replaced bulbs and spare bulbs provided with the equipment must always be returned. Destroyed or missing bulbs will be charged at the purchase price.

Article 14
Cancellation of the rented equipment can normally take place up to 14 days before the first rental day. In cases of cancellation less than 14 days before the first rental day, the entire rental amount will be debited.

Article 15
Renewal of the rental period and extension thereof takes place through a new agreement in which a new rental period is agreed. Under all circumstances, only written renewals signed by both the lessee and the lessor are valid.

Article 16
Return of the rented equipment before the end of the agreed rental period will not, without special agreement regarding this, provide an entitlement to a reduction of the rent.

Article 17
The lessor is entitled to demand the entire rental amount, or a part thereof, paid before the start of the rental period. Unless another written agreement exists, any unpaid rent and other costs that are past due for payment must be paid immediately at the termination of the rental period. For payments made after the agreed due date, a penalty interest on arrears will be calculated at 2 per cent per current month, however, this will be a minimum of DKK 50 per month plus fees.
Article 18
The lessor has the right to raise the rental price at any time if the cause for this is due to changes in government charges, regardless of whether they can otherwise be attributed to the rented equipment or not.

Article 19
The rented equipment may not be used outdoors and in damp or dusty environments without the lessor’s written approval.

Article 20
The lessor is entitled to inspect the rented property, either personally or through a representative, at any time whatsoever.

Article 21
If the lessor finds that the equipment is used inappropriately or under indefensible conditions, then the lessor (in accordance with Articles 4 and 14) can immediately and without financial compensation to the lessee collect the rented equipment at the lessee’s expense.

Article 22
The lessor assumes no liability for delays or hindrances in delivery that are due to war, blockade, strike, lockout, transport accidents, fire, flooding, extraordinary weather conditions, import or export restrictions, difficulties in supply or other events that delay, render impossible or make the delivery difficult due to reasons that are outside of the lessor’s control, and in connection with this, a claim cannot be made for full or partial compensation towards the lessee.

Article 23
The right of ownership to the rented equipment belongs to the lessor and under no circumstances is this transferred to the lessee. The rented equipment must, under no circumstances, be incorporated into or joined together with fixed property without the lessor’s written approval.

Article 24
Copying and further transmission of user manuals, technical information and software delivered by the lessor may only take place following written approval by the lessor.

Article 25
Disagreements concerning the rental object and disputes and disagreements regarding understanding and scope of the parties’ agreements are to be decided according to Danish law at the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen.

Article 26
Any deviations from the general rental conditions are normally agreed contractually, but in writing under all circumstances.

The right to changes of prices and rental conditions is reserved without warning. Reservations are also made for printing errors.

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