Zero88 Rack 6 Portable Dimmer

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Rack 6 is a compact 2U 19” rack mounting digital dimmer which offers one of the most cost effective dimming solutions available. The Rack 6 range comprises a wide variety of socket variants according to regional requirements including Schuko, French, UK 15A, CEE17 and Dutch Harting sockets as well as standard Socapex and Harting multipin connectors, all housed in a fan cooled 6 x 10 Amp package.

Offering 12 memories, a preheat per channel, three dimmer curves and ChilliNet compatibility, these dimmers offer users a sophistication not usually found in a dimming products in this price range.

The Rack 6 dimming range is ideal for a wide variety of uses from permanent installations to mobile dimming. 



  • 3 Dimmer curves
  • 12 Memories
  • Preheat per channel
  • Socket options
  • 6x10 Amps
  • ChilliNet compatability
  • RDM Enabled
Manufacturer: Zero88