MA VPU light (Video Processing Unit)

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MA Lighting has developed the MA VPU (Video Processing Unit) as a powerful range of solutions for controlling, live accessing and altering videos, still images and 3D objects in real time.


  • Configuration, programming, operation, content distribution and software updates via any grandMA2
  • Easy to connect for instant start 
  • Supports blind-mode and preview programming (switchable from the console)
  • Built-in EDID manager to avoid wrong output configuration
  • Advanced pixel mapping functionality – DVI out and Pixelmapper can be used simultaneously
  • Frame and DMX synchronicity
  • Very low latency live video input (MA VPU plus MK2 and MA VPU basic MK2)
  • 3D keystoning and softedging 
  • Efficient backup solution – one additional MA VPU is capable of backing up any other MA VPUin the network
  • Implemented text ticker and test-pattern generator
  • Layer reference option: this allows any layer as input for another
  • Professional balanced sound playback (with or without ground lift)
  • Best hardware components encapsulated and decoupled for outstanding performance and rock-solid reliability
Manufacturer: MA Lighting